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US-Eurasian Relations

The importance of US-Eurasian relations in the coming years cannot be understated. With an increasingly positive relationship, greater international peace can develop, terrorism can be combated, positive economic growth will ensue, and greater stability can occur in many regions around the globe. Building on the rich history of Russian-American cooperation, the Eurasia Center seeks to further encourage positive relations between the US and Russia, in order to develop a new chapter in history of the former adversaries of the Cold War.

By working directly with Russian officials, scholars, and citizens, and publishing positive and constructive articles on the numerous issue areas where the two nations can work together, the Eurasia Center specialists will hope to encourage a new era of progress from which future generations can reap the fruit of these efforts.

Building positive U.S. relations with the nations of Europe and Asia are very important for the peace, security, and prosperity of the American people and those citizens in Eurasia. The Eurasia Center is building new regional and country programs, which will be sponsored by donors and corporations, and serve as a model of building positive relations between countries of Eurasia (Europe and Asia) and the United States.

We are subdividing the Eurasian landmass into: West Eurasia (Europe); South Western Eurasia (Asia Minor and the Middle East); Central and Northern Eurasia (Russia, and several states of the Former Soviet Union); Southern Eurasia (Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan); Southeastern Eurasia (Southeast Asia); and East Eurasia (Russian Far East, China, Japan, Korea).

The Eurasia Center is actively seeking sponsorship from corporations and donors in order to help build Country Programs within our Center. These country programs would build positive relations between the United States and each individual nation within Eurasia. Building Country Programs, for example, a China Program, a Gulf State - Middle East Program, and a Japanese Program, are all priorities for the Eurasia Center now.