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The Eurasia Center’s Charitable Program for Eurasia

Our Charitable Program for Eurasia is designed to assist the most vulnerable populations in society. There is a children's crisis in Eurasia. Millions of children are living in orphanages and institutions of various kinds or are homeless. A significant proportion of children are now victims of "social orphan hood" - a child losing his parents not through death but through abandonment or neglect - but as a result of the economic collapse. These factors, coupled with widespread use of drugs, alcoholism, and AIDS, is forcing thousands of children to live on the streets, in sewers, or the attics of old abandoned apartment buildings to fend for themselves.

We would like to assist the Eurasian nonprofits in the area of adoption and foster homes for children. By urging the government to adopt comprehensive and generous programs to subsidize families or foster families, mainstreaming children into the educational system, and offering distressed parents at risk of abandoning their children some relief, day care, or rehabilitative services, the Eurasia Center's Charitable Program for Eurasia (CPE) hopes to try to reverse these devastating trends.

The Eurasia Center specialists have written on the number of social problems that have risen out of the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. It will continue to monitor and keep the public informed of important developments in Eurasia, such as the growing AIDS epidemic in Eurasia, highlighting the areas where progress is being made, and offering new ideas and help to remedy crucial areas of concern.

You can help these children by becoming their friend!
Our big sister program offers the best personal help to abandoned children and is the most cost-effective way to provide them with a caring adult to help solve their problems. You have the ability to help these children by sponsoring a big sister.

Contribute to the Charitable Program for Russian Orphan Children

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the charitable program for Russian orphans children! We, and they, appreciate your generosity immensely.

Contributions can be made in a variety of ways:

Credit Card Online - Contribute to the Charitable Program using our online credit card system, based on a secure server.
This method will be available soon

Check or Credit Card by Mail - Contribute to the Charitable Program by check or by credit card by mail. Just fill out our contribution form and send it to:

The Eurasia Center
Humanitarian Program
4927 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, 20016

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