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June 10 – September 10, 2017

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KAZAKHSTAN is leading the World Stage by hosting the Astana Expo 2017 – Future Energy which focuses on with a focus on Green Technologies, Sustainable Development and Energy for All. Over 115 countries are participating, each showcasing an International Pavilion highlighting future energy, innovation and new technologies. EXPO 2017 Astana, also features great live performances and cultural events, in one of the newest capitals in the world, with visionary cityscapes, many new hotels, generating lots of excitement.

Kazakhstan-Astana Pavilion
The Sphere holds Kazakhstan-Astana Pavilion: History, Culture, Innovation!

Astana Expo City 2017 will have over 5 million visits! Come and visit one of the most fantastic eco-cities in the world as it showcases the futuristic building marvels of Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture - operating as power plants, generating energy from solar panels and wind turbines power themselves and the rest of the city through an innovative smart grid.

Featuring the theme of the Source of Infinite Energy, the USA Pavilion shares the partnerships, triumphs and dreams of the American people and seeks to inspire all visitors with the key message: “The Energy in Each of Us Together Empowers the World”. The USA Pavilion illustrates the American belief that an innovator is anyone with vision and a change-maker is anyone with a dream and the determination to follow it through.

EXPO ASTANA 2017 – Is a milestone of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s strategic vision of building a green economy for Kazakhstan by 2050. Many important world leaders from China, India, Russia, and many other nations attended the opening event, joining with Nazarbayev, to support the Future of Energy concept at its opening. Akhmetzhan Yessimov, Chairman of the Board of Astana EXPO-2017, and all who strived to make this event possible must be congratulated for their efforts. Make plans to visit this once in a life time experience!

ENERGY NEWS: At the beginning of EXPO 2017 ASTANA, Kazakhstan’s Energy Ministry hosted the Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy, June 11-14, 2017 which focused on accelerating renewable energy deployment in the region. There are still a number of Energy Forums to attend from July to September during the EXPO.

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Is Proud to Announce!

The New Unveiling of a Gorbachev - Reagan Statue in Moscow


This initiative by The American University in Moscow, takes place on July 3, at the Burganov Museum, 15 Bolshoi Afanasievsky Pereulok, Moscow, Russia. The Unveiling Ceremony of the new Reagan-Gorbachev sculptural composition by Alexander Burganov will take place from 5-8 pm, followed by a 4th of July Reception, as part of the 2017 World Russia Forum.

The Reagan-Gorbachev relationship, which began in Geneva 1985, helped steer the world toward a more peaceful path, away from a Cold War which would have surely ended in nuclear catastrophe. Their efforts seem lost to today’s leaders, as bureaucracies on both sides turn toward the dangers and competitiveness of geopolitics, coupled with a new arms race. Will we “Lose the Peace”? Join with The Eurasia Center as its International Security Program seeks new alternatives!